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Kaleidocat Jewelry
Kaleidocat Jewelry
PoCo Inspired: Tell us a bit about yourself
Kaleidocat: My name is Shay and I'm currently a student at the University of Manitoba, working on a Master of Arts degree in anthropology. I love every type of art, whether it be painting, music, or dance, there is beauty in it all. I LOVE cats, they're the best thing this world has to offer honestly, it's no wonder they've taken over the internet.

PoCo Inspired: When did you first start making jewellery and what was the first piece you ever made?
Kaleidocat: I first started bead work art at the end of 2020, around the time I think everyone kind of picked up a new hobby because of the pandemic... but for me I picked it up because I was suffering from chronic pain that was exacerbated by the circumstances of isolation and inability to receive the care when I needed. I was frustrated that I could not sit for long periods of time to paint, and it was too exhausting to even think about taking everything out and preparing to paint/draw, then pack it all away when done. I needed something that I could do laying down and didn't need a lot of prep/clean up, and that is where beadwork came in! It's been an absolute life saver honestly, it helps me put my creative energy (and stress) somewhere.

PoCo Inspired: What inspires your creativity when making a new piece of jewellery?
Kaleidocat: My creativity comes from colours, whether it be from a multi coloured leaf or a neon sea slug. Everything I make has to be colourful, it just makes life more interesting and happy.
PoCo Inspired: What is the single most important skill you have learned and why?
Kaleidocat: The single most important skill I have learned? From my art? Knowing when to stop threading through a bead so my beads don't break midway through a piece 😂 also, learning to adapt my jewelry for people with different needs!
PoCo Inspired: What challenges do you face in your work?
Kaleidocat: My biggest challenge is my own body keeping me from executing my ideas. I have so many large necklace pieces that I want to do, but the time and energy they take are too overwhelming to start when my body needs to take long breaks.
PoCo Inspired: What is your biggest achievement so far in your business?
Kaleidocat: My biggest achievement... I have two. One was just starting to sell my work. I've never felt like my art was good enough to sell. My second biggest achievement is my first sale going to a stranger. I told myself that if I started this journey, I wasn't going to tell friends and family right away because I wanted my first sale to come from someone who genuinely liked my work to buy it. It's an incredibly validating feeling having a total stranger support you. I didn't tell anyone until 7 months in! It was a nice challenge to myself, a way of saying, yes, I can do this, and I did, I did it without anyone's influence or help! (I mean the sale part, I have a couple of incredible supporters who helped me with modelling and website set up 🥰). I don't make many sales, but when I do, it's such an amazing feeling knowing someone loved my work enough to buy it ❤
PoCo Inspired: Where can we find you to shop online or in-person?
Kaleidocat: You can find me at:
Or follow me on social media @kaleidocat_jewelry to find out where my next markets are! (I don't take part in many because, unfortunately, my body needs a lot of rest after even one day of markets.)
Kaleidocat Jewelry
Kaleidocat Jewelry
Kaleidocat Jewelry
Kaleidocat Jewelry