Artist Spotlight, Rebecca Winkworth

PoCo Inspired: Tell us a bit about yourself

Rebecca: I'm a feminist, an activist, a mom, a night owl, a crime podcast junkie, and I've always got at least 5 creative projects on the go. I've dabbled in printmaking, painting, photography, and more recently beading.

PoCo Inspired: When did you first start making jewellery and what was the first piece you ever made?

Rebecca: I've been making jewelry since I was a kid! I'd play around with fimo, beads and wire - I had my first table at a craft sale when I was 11 and went by 'Magic Fingers' (cringe). I picked up beading again about a year ago when I needed an artistic outlet during the pandemic and realized I had so many old supplies that I could use. I think the first earrings I made were a pair featuring the Bad Religion logo for my sister.

PoCo Inspired: What inspires your creativity when making a new piece of jewellery?

Rebecca: Mythology, folk art, music, nature, fashion, outer space...I've got multiple design ideas swirling around in my head at any given moment. But I often resort to flowers.

PoCo Inspired: What is the single most important skill you have learned and why?

Rebecca: Beading has taught me patience (something that does NOT come naturally). Sitting down with my beads is an important daily meditative practice for me. It allows me to reconnect with my creativity, and to slow down when everything feels a bit out of control. It makes me feel grounded, centred and happy.
The other more technical beading skills I've learned are self-taught, so there's been a lot of trial and error. My advice is to keep at it, forge your own style, and buy the expensive needles.

PoCo Inspired: What challenges do you face in your work?

Rebecca: I'm a night owl but my 4-year old is an early bird.

PoCo Inspired: What is your biggest achievement so far in your business?

Rebecca: When someone tells me that they love my work, or when they send me a picture of themselves wearing something I've made. Or when I'm mailing out pieces to far away places, thinking about my jewelry being worn in other corners of the world. It makes my heart sing!
Also, having the opportunity to donate both my work and proceeds from my work to community organizations has been meaningful to me.

PoCo Inspired: Where can we find you to shop online or in-person?

Plus you can catch me in person at The Buzz Spring Market on April 2 at the Park Theatre, and the Vegan Handmade Market on April 9 at Robert A Steen CC!