Artist Spotlight, Ohdonnajewels

PoCo Inspired: Tell us a bit about yourself

Donna: Hi I am Donna. I have 5 amazing children, 6 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren! And another great grand child due in September.

PoCo Inspired: When did you first start making jewellery and what was the first piece you ever made?

Donna: I first began making jewelry 15 years ago and my first pieces were working with drilled gemstones.
I began wire wrapping a year later and then quit for a few years.
My first really proud piece was a pendant I donated to CNIB.
My favorite to make is wrapped gemstones.
I love working with different wires and I have used 14 karat gold filled or sterling silver.
Or brass or copper or non-tarnish silver wires.

PoCo Inspired: What inspires your creativity when making a new piece of jewellery?

Donna: I watch and learn a lot from YouTube.
I’ll start a video and follow along then finish my own way.
I love seeing everyone’s work and creations on Facebook.
It inspires me to create.

PoCo Inspired: What is the single most important skill you have learned and why?

Donna: Wire wrapping gemstones with weaving pattern.
I have sold quite a few pieces.

PoCo Inspired: What challenges do you face in your work?

Donna: The challenges I have been having lately are my hands and my eyes but I don’t want to quit even though I have over 100 pieces sitting in little baggies waiting for their forever home.

PoCo Inspired: What is your biggest achievement so far in your business?

Donna: I have shipped pieces over to England and down to California or Arizona I love Dropping them at the post office and they get whisked away and when the customer receives the package she is quite excited.

One lady made me a video she had ordered two pairs of earrings that she had one pair from each set on each year and model them both and Described them she did very good at videoing herself.

PoCo Inspired: Where can we find you to shop online or in-person?