Bead Sizes



Brand Size Special Finish if Different Package Size Approx # of Beads
Miyuki 3-4mm Two-Tone 25 grams 320
250 grams 3,200
Delica® #8   7.5 grams 220
50 grams 1,600
250 grams 8,000
Miyuki #8 Silver-Finished 10 gram 370
50 grams 1,800
250 grams 9,300
Czech Preciosa 11/0   hank 4,000
1/2 kilogram 48,000
Delica 11/0   7.5 grams 1,600
50 grams 10,600
250 grams 50,000
Delica 11/0 24Kt Gold-, Palladium, or Silver-Finished 4 grams 770
50 grams 9,600
250 grams 48,400
Miyuki #15   35 grams 9,000
250 grams 64,200

Specially Shaped Seed Beads

Brand Shape Size Package Approx # of Beads
Czech Preciosa Twin™ 5x2.5mm 10 gram 200
50 grams 1,000
Czech Preciosa Bugle #3 hank 920
1/2 kilogram 9,200
Czech Preciosa Bugle 1/2 inch hank 420
1/2 kilogram 5,000
Czech Preciosa Bugle 1 inch 50 grams 220
250 grams 1,100
1/2 kilogram 5,000
Miyuki Fringe 4x3.4mm 10 gram 180
250 gram 4,500
Miyuki Mini Fringe 3.3x2.8mm 10 gram 360
250 gram 9,000
Miyuki Long Magatama 7x4mm 50 grams 400
250 grams 2,000
Miyuki Square 3.5x3.7mm 25 grams 250
250 grams 2,500
Miyuki Triangle #5 25 grams 270
250 grams 2,700
Miyuki Tila 5x5mm 10 grams 110
40 grams 470
250 grams 2,900


Necklace length reference

This is a general reference for a necklace length.

Of course, this is just an average.
All lengths depend on your own body type and size.

Someone who is 6 foot 3 will not have the same results with necklace length as someone who is 4 foot 8.

Although, that should be obvious, it still needs to be said.

Also remember that some people should take bust size into account. :)


Beading Wire Gauge








The first thing that is important to know about the wire is its gauge. Just like any other kind of wire, beading wire is measured by gauge. The gauge number has to do with how thick or thin the beading wire is. The higher the number your wire's gauge says, the thinner it will be. So a 32-gauge wire is thinner than a 22-gauge wire. The gauges of wire most commonly used in beading and other crafts are 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30 and 32-gauge. Gauge is the standard measurement in America, but a millimeter measurement is used in other parts of the world and by some companies. This measurement can be helpful if you know the size of the holes in your beads. Generally, 20-gague is about .80 millimeters, 21 to 22-gauge is .65-.71 and 24 to 26-gauge is .40-.50 millimeters.

Beading Wire Materials

More beading wire is made of base metal. You can also find wire made of such materials as copper, brass, stainless steel and sterling silver. Different materials of wire are good for different purposes, or you can use base metal wire for any project. Metalwire can also be found in many different colors, from the plain silver color you'll find at your local craft store to black, white, magenta, pink, blue, purple, gold, yellow, green, orange and more. Different colors of wire can be fun to work with when you are wrapping beads with wire, so some of the wire will show, or when you are using clear beads.


Beading Wire Hardness

Another consideration that is particularly important to more experienced beaders is the hardness of the wire. Wire is usually separated into three main hardness categories: dead soft, half-hard and full-hard.

Dead soft wire is very flexible and great for wire-wrapping and sculpting projects. half-hard is a little bit harder and a little less flexible, while full-hard wire is very stiff and harder to manipulate by hand. The packages of wire you are looking at might not say what the hardness of the wire is, but most of the beading wire you will find in craft stores is dead soft or half-hard, which is great for most projects.


Beading Wire Weight

It's also important to consider how much weight the wire you want to use can hold. How much weight a wire can hold is usually a factor of the gauge. Heavier wires can naturally support more weight. How the wire is constructed can also make a big difference in how much weight the wire can hold. Accu-Flex, for instance, makes its wires in a range of stand counts from seven-strand to 49-strand. Individual wires or bundles of wires are combined and coated with nylon to provide a strong yet flexible wire. The thickest 49-strand wire can hold up to 40 pounds. You probably won't want to wear a piece of jewelry that weighs 40 pounds, but it's good to know that when making something artful you don't have to worry about your wire breaking. You can usually find the weight limit for the wire on the package.


Choosing the Right Wire

Even with the above guidelines in mind, there are different uses that are suited to different kinds of wire, mostly because the wire must be small enough to fit through the holes in your beads. Wire in the gauge range of 22 to 24-gauge is good for a lot of general beading projects done with glass beads or crystals. Thirty and 32-gauge wire are better for work with seed beads and weaving projects that you might want to do with wire. This gauge range gives you similar flexibility and strength as beading thread, so it's really up to your preference if you'd rather use thread or beading wire. Shop for Beading Wire




Rocaille Seed Bead Chart

Size Size in millimeters Hole Size Beads per hank Hanks per kilo Diagram



5300 48 hanks
14/0 1.6mm 0.40mm 5100 44 hanks
13/0 1.7mm 0.50mm 4960 36 hanks
12/0 1.9mm 0.60mm 4720 28 hanks
11/0 2.1mm 0.70mm 4000 24 hanks
10/0 2.3mm 0.80mm 3920 20 hanks
08/0 3.1mm 0.90mm 2960 12 hanks

True Cut and Charlotte Seed Bead Size Chart

Size Size in millimeters Hole Size Beads per hank Hanks per kilo Diagram
15/0 1.5mm 0.40mm 5300 60 hanks
13/0 1.7mm 0.50mm 3000 72 hanks
11/0 2.1mm 0.70mm 4000 26 hanks
10/0 2.3mm 0.80mm 3920 22 hanks
08/0 3.1mm 0.90mm 246 beads per strand 144 strands

Large Seed Beads Size Chart

Size Size in millimeters Hole Size Beads per string Strands per kilo Diagram
06/0 4mm 1.10mm 180 72 strands
04/0 5mm 1.30mm 155 64 strands
03/0 5.5mm 1.40mm 125 36 strands
02/0 6mm 1.60mm 120 38 strands
01/0 6.5mm 2.00mm 105 30 strands
31/0 7mm 2.10mm 90 26 strands
32/0 7.5mm 2.20mm 85 22 strands
33/0 9mm 2.50mm 80

18 strands

Drop Seed Beads

Size Size in millimeters Hole Size Beads per string Strands per kilo Diagram
08/0 drop (44SB) ** 3.1mm 0.90mm 394 96 strands
05/0 drop (47SB) ** 4.5mm 1.20mm 224 44 strands
02/0 drop (49SB) ** 6mm 1.60mm 180 24 strands
Specialty Seed Beads
Bead Type Size in millimeters Hole Size Beads per string Strands per kilo Diagram
Twins 2.5x5mm 0.70mm N/A N/A
Solo 2.5x5mm 0.70mm N/A N/A
Farfalle 2x4mm 0.80mm N/A N/A
Farfalle 3.2x6.5mm 0.90mm N/A 48
Square 3.4x3.4mm 0.80mm N/A 8

Bugle Beads Size Chart

Size Size in millimeters Hole Size Beads per hank Hanks per kilo Diagram
Size 2 bugles 1.9x4.5mm 0.70mm 1160 20
Size 3 bugles 2.1x07mm 0.70mm 860 20
Size 5 bugles 2.1x12mm 0.70mm 460 20
Size Size in millimeters Hole Size

Beads per gram

Beads per kilo Diagram
Size 20 bugles 2x20mm 0.70mm 5 5000
Size 30 bugles 2x30mm 0.70mm 3 3000

Japanese Seed Beads Size Chart

Bead Type Size in millimeters Hole Size Beads per gram Beads per kilo Diagram
Delica (11/0) 1.6x1.3mm 0.8mm 190
Delica (08/0) 3mm 1.5mm 30
Delica (10/0) 2.2mm 1mm 108
Delica (15/0) 1.3mm 0.65mm 350
Berry 2.5x4.5mm N/A N/A N/A Miyuki Berry Seed Beads
Cube 4x4mm 1.4mm N/A N/A Cube
Hex 8/0 3mm 1.1mm 48 N/A Hex 8/0
Hex 11/0 2mm 0.80mm 48 N/A

Half Tila 5x2.3mm 0.8mm


Tila 5x5mm .75mm N/A N/A
Magatama 4mm 1.3mm N/A N/A
Toho Treasure 1.6mm 190 N/A

**Drop seed beads are rocailles that have an offset hole and are thicker on one side than the other. Great at the end of fringes!