Artist Spotlight, Dragonfly Jewellery

PoCo Inspired: Tell us a bit about yourself

June: My name is June, I am a wife, a mother of one daughter and I have two beautiful grandchildren. I love nature and spending time at the lake with family and friends.

PoCo Inspired: When did you first start making jewellery and what was the first piece you ever made?

June: I started making jewellery around 14 year ago when I ended up having to quit my full time job due to illness. I needed something to do as I wasn’t happy being at home all day. I'm a chatty outgoing person and this helped me to connect with others.

PoCo Inspired: What inspires your creativity when making a new piece of jewellery?

June: I'm inspired by a couple of things, one being colours that remind me of my mother, she was not afraid to wear bold colours and when I use these colours, I feel a connection to her. I'm also inspired by the touch and feel of the gemstones, its amazing how I’m drawn to the feel, the weight, the inclusions, the density, the lightness and so many other qualities of these beautiful gemstones from Mother Earth.

PoCo Inspired: What is the single most important skill you have learned and why?

June: The single most important skill that I have learned is patience. I tend to be somewhat a perfectionist, but mistakes do happen, and well, I’ve learned to just start over again as mistakes do happen. This definitely applies to when I’m making my knotted 108 Bead Mala Necklaces, its a lot of work, and if I do happen to make a mistake I literally have to take it apart and start over again.

PoCo Inspired: What challenges do you face in your work?

June: Getting my energy levels to match my ambitions :)

PoCo Inspired: What is your biggest achievement so far in your business?

June: My biggest achievement with my business is creating amazing relations with my customers. I strive for excellent customer service and a happy customer is what is most important to me.

PoCo Inspired: Where can we find you to shop online or in-person?

Facebook:    Dragonfly Jewellery
Instagram:   @dragonflyjewellerywpg
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