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Opaque Jet - 1.5mm Cube, Toho 8.2g

Opaque Jet - 1.5mm Cube, Toho 8.2g

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TOHO seed beads are precision-made Japanese seed beads that are among some of the finest in the world.
The color and size consistency of TOHO beads makes bead weaving, looming, and stringing projects easy and beautiful every time. TOHO realizes that creating art isn't just a matter of thought and skill, it also comes from within.
They create their seed beads knowing that the designers who use them will be putting their hearts and souls into their work, and so they put that same energy into creating their products.
They would be best strung on NYMO beading thread.
Thanks to their precise shape, TOHO seed beads are ideal for bead weaving and bezeling cabochons.

TOHO Round 6

Dimension 6/0
Inner Hole 1.1 MM
Diameter 4 MM
TOHO Round 8

Dimension 8/0
Inner Hole .8 - 1.2 MM
Diameter 3 MM
TOHO Round 11

Dimension 11/0
Inner Hole 1.1 MM
Diameter 2.1 MM
TOHO Round 15

Dimension 15/0
Inner Hole 0.7 MM
Diameter 1.5 MM

Click here for a more complete Toho chart.

More bead sizes.

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