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FP Jet - Bronze Picasso

FP Jet - Bronze Picasso

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Fire polished beads are considered by many to be one of the most essentialcomponents for jewelry making.

The Czech bead makers are famous for their
exquisitely crafted yet relatively inexpensive faceted beads.

The Czech region of Bohemia has been the center of bead making and has led the glass bead industry for hundred of years because of its quality fire polished styles.

Faceted rounds are by far the most popular because of their timeless look and sparkle.

To make fire polished rounds, the manufacturer starts with round pressed beads (druks).

The beads are sifted onto a pronged board that is then fed into a faceting machine which angles the beads onto a grinding wheel.

After all sides of the beads have been faceted, their surface looks rough and matted.

The polished finish is attained by laying the beads on a conveyer belt that feeds them into an extremely hot oven.

The beads are heated to the point that their surfaces begin to melt, creating a naturally shiny finish.

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