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Beading Mat

Beading Mat

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Great for beading, craft projects and craft enthusiasts
Prevents beads from rolling away
Made from soft, foam like material that is ideal for working with small beads

Beading mats are one of those things that are hard to ship

Sure ONE mat....easy ... no problem...  maybe even 2 mats are not tooooo bad to ship

BUT if you add anything else to the order, like a tube of beads, then it it suddenly too big for regular shipping.
It becomes over sized

And if you want more than one or two mats, again, it becomes oversized

And because of their sizes and thickness, Canada Post charges big time

Due to limitations of the online ordering system, we cannot control these issues

We can only set the item to be oversized and charge the corresponding shipping fee

Depending on what you are ordering, we MAY be able to adjust SOME of the shipping charges
But this will be determined on an individual basis

If you fall into this situation

Please call us and we will try to work with you

Don't email
Don't send a msg on social media

We won't respond

PICK UP the phone and call

Due to inconsistencies between cameras, computers, monitors, manufacturers, and a variety of other circumstances beyond our control, PoCo Inspired is not responsible if you feel the colors you see on your screen are not a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product
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This Product is Oversized

Please read this

This Product is Oversized

Buying this product may disqualify you from free shipping


Although most of our products can be shipped normally....
Canada Post considers this product to be over sized.
( more than 20mm thick )
Meaning that it cannot be shipped as regular or oversized letter mail.
It must be shipped as a PARCEL, so they charge more.

Sorry these are Canada Post rules, not ours.
Shipping companies in Canada use the same kind of format.
They charge more based on the dimensions first and then on weight.

What this means is that even a spool of thread...
although it is light as a feather,
still gets charged more to ship it because it is more than 20mm thick.

The flipside of this is, that if you order that spool of thread, the shipping should only be charged once.
So ONE spool of thread will ship for the same price as 23 spools of thread.
And you should be able to get a few more things in there as well, and only pay the one shipping charge.

The system automatically applies this shipping rate to your order.
So if you are local, you may want to choose to pick it up
instead of paying the shipping.
When you get the cart portion of the order...
Just click on the shipping option and chose to pick it up.

Some exceptions may apply.

Please feel free to reach out to us to see if we can work something out.