Featured Staff, Heather



Poco: What is your role at Poco Inspired?

Heather: My main role at Poco Inspired is stock and inventory, but I will help customers when they need it.  Oh, and harassing the staff!


Poco: What would you say is your area of specialty is?

Heather: My prime area is seed bead work. But I will try any technique at least once.


Poco: When did you first discover Poco before you started working here?

Heather: During the pandemic. I wanted to get back into beadwork, but I wanted to shop locally.


Poco: What first lead you in the direction of beading?

Heather: I was 16 years old and needed something to do.


Poco: What is the single most important skill you have learned and why?

Heather: Patience! If I’m feeling impatient, I will not pick up my work.
I don’t know how many times I have had to restart a project.


Poco: What are your favorite materials to use?

Heather: Miyuki seed beads and Fireline.


Poco: What inspires your creativity when working on a new piece?

Heather: The beads. If I see a certain colour or shape of bead, I just hold it and just know what I’m going to make.


Poco: Is there anything you would like to add?

Heather: I can’t wait to try metalsmithing. My next adventure!