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"Malachite", Red - PoCo Inspired

"Malachite", Red

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Red "malachite" is actually a type of jasper with banding that closely resembles the banded patterns found in natural green malachite. Various forms of jasper were also loved by the Egyptians for use as amulets.

Since red "malachite" is banded jasper, healing and metaphysical properties are similar to other red varieties of jasper. Red is often considered a color of energy and courage, giving this gemstone an air of fiery encouragement. Banded jaspers are also well-known as grounding stones that help to center the individual wearer. These gemstones are also used to calm and sooth while encouraging inward reflection. Banded jaspers are associated with the Root Chakra and have a deep connection to nature.

Red "malachite" is a beautifully banded jasper that belongs to the chalcedony family. It is an opaque, impure silica that obtains its reddish coloring from iron levels. This gemstone comes in creamy reddish colors with varying brown and orange hues. Bands of creamy white encircle the stone, which can be cloudy or speckled.

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