Featured Staff, Marilyn



Poco: What is your role at Poco Inspired?

Marilyn: To be helpful, hopefully inspiring and all around amazing! Just kidding, not amazing, maybe just a shopping buddy.

Poco: What would you say is your area of specialty is?

Marilyn: Flat stitching on leather. Making moccasins, mukluks is what I prefer however I do all types of beading and sewing.

Poco: When did you first discover Poco before you started working here?

Marilyn: I found Poco online about 4 years before working here. Most beading stores or supplies were always a good distance away and Poco was really close by.

Poco: What first lead you in the direction of beading?

Marilyn: My family lead me. My mother was an avid beader and sewer too! She was very talented. My cousin also made earrings and jewellery for Pow wows, so I used to bead with them.

Poco: What is the single most important skill you have learned and why?

Marilyn: The 3 strikes and you’re out rule. I find when you’re beading or sewing and 3 major things happen like needles breaking or major knots etc., it’s best to take a break and start again later or tomorrow.

Poco: What are your favorite materials to use?

Marilyn: I use size 10 beads on leather with a size 15 needle. I always use wax on my thread, it helps keep me sane.

Poco: What inspires your creativity when working on a new piece?

Marilyn: People usually, or things I see in pictures or patterns I see on fabric. When I make something for someone I know I usually try to do something they like or have an interest in.

Poco: Is there anything you would like to add?

Marilyn: Beading and sewing is an ever-changing craft. There is always new things and techniques to learn and I’m open to all of it.